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Web Development and Hosting

Need a modern looking website to advertise your business? We specialise in developing websites from scratch. With our dedicated team and speedy service, you’ll be left happy without emptying your wallet.

The features mentioned on the side are included in all our website development packages, no matter the size or cost. We’re honest about the service we provide, and we won’t stop until you’re absolutely satisfied. This means constant communication is imperative to us; we want your ideas to be heard, and we want to make them a reality.

We know you’re looking for the finest deal, so any information you provide us to write up on your website will be articulated by our language professionals. We can also add any requested images or text onto your website as part of the package, and you’ll be hosted by our super-fast servers, forever.

Once your site is live, our support will cease to stop there. We’ll provide lifelong updates for a small additional monthly cost to ensure your website is never left unprotected, or outdated. or .com domain name
Automatic Weekly Backups
Hosting on our High Speed Servers
Super Fast Support
99.99% uptime guaranteed


Our generous E-Commerce deal will include all of the perks you need to get you started. Not only will you receive all of the additions from the Web Development service, but you’ll get one to one tutoring to make sure you’re 100% happy with how to use your site. Moreover, we’ll set up a payment management, so you can access you money without the hassle of figuring out how!

All Perks of our Web Devlopment Service
One to One Tutoring
Payment management setup
One Free Custom Email Address
Free SSL (https://) Certificate

Also, a free custom email address, e.g., will support the professionalism of your business.

Lastly, and most importantly, you will receive a free SSL certificate to secure and encrypted web traffic on your website. This means all passwords and payment details will be sent through secure servers


Our email services provide secure AntiSpam, which keeps your inbox clutter-free. Additionally, we’ll supply AntiVirus protection, so you know you’re in safe hands. Your emails will be hosted with Gmail Web Interface, with a 99.99% uptime guaranteed, meaning your time will never be wasted whilst you enjoy a modern setup for your business communications.

An IMAP and STMP setup allows you access to your emails on your phone, laptop or outlook. And, as part of our email service, you will also acquire a professional looking domain, e.g.

Secure AntiSpam and AntiVirus Protection
Hosted with GMail Web Client
IMAP and SMTP available for Phones and Tablets
99.99% uptime guaranteed
Professional Domain